Stone Sales

Armour Stone


Armour Stone/Weathered Edge Limestone our stone density is 185lbs per cubic foot.

Quarry direct…numerous varieties of stone for your home and business landscaping or structure projects.

Our stone products can be used for all types of landscaping projects:

• Retaining Walls

• Erosion Control

• Patios

• Steps

• Waterfalls/Natural Stone Pools Pre Built

• Garden Edging

We also have over 50 types of stone veneer products as low as $6.99 a square foot - match your home with your landscaping stone products.

Delivery and installation options available within the GTA, Manitoulin and Sudbury area.

Starting at $45 per(2-4 ton)pieces  for the first load of natural weathered edge armour stone (non split) and $40 per ton for the remaining order plus applicable taxes and delivery. We can customize each order by splitting each stone with our stone splitters to suit your needs at an extra $11.50 per ton.

2-4 ton pieces $56.50 per ton roughly 2’x3’x5’-2’x4’x7’ Perfect for small breakwater projects

1-2 ton pieces $65.50 per ton roughly 2’x4’x2’-2’x6’x2’ 

500-1900lb pieces $111.00 per ton roughly 1’x1’x2’ – 1.5’x4’x2’ 

Small Size Weathered all sides Landscape Pcs on skids 1-2 man size Full load direct on skids price per ton $199.00 and less then full load at $250.00 per ton.

100% cost for ARMOUR STONE is due upon ordering and trucking fees must be paid 2 weeks prior to delivery.

Landscaping yards- order 10 loads of armour stone and pay $30 per ton non split stone naturally pulled out of the ground for 2-4 ton pieces. 

Limited time offer

Split  5-10 ton Weathered edge erosion control pieces starting at  $66.5 per ton for the first 5 loads and the remainder of your order at 35% off . Non split stone for 5- 10 ton pieces starting at $55 per ton.  Please call to discuss further details and pricing we are willing to work with you to make your project happen.  First come first serve basis.  Offer ends April 30th 2019. 100% payment for stone is due upon order. Trucking must be paid directly to the trucking company.