Silverwater Quarry DIrect Stone

Armour Stone


Armour stone is a natural quarry stone beige or grey in colour.  It is very durable and resists to regular erosion and wear.  Due to processing techniques, armour stone size, shape and quantity is not always the same.

Flagstone/Jumbo flagstone


This is a sedimentary rock split into layers.  It is mainly used as paving slabs or walkways and patios, it can also be used for memorials, headstones, facades and other general constructions.

Premium Weathered Edge Stone


Our most popular stone on the market. This sedimentary rock contains various skeletal fragments of marine organisms.  This stone can be used in many landscaping projects such as yard decor,  Erosion control, waterside/poolside decor, decorative outdoor retaining walls, waterfalls, grotto's, garden edging and so much more.

Silverwater Quarry Price List

Discounts may apply if ordering larger quantities please call for a quote. Landscaping yards/contractors- order 10 loads of armour stone and pay $30 per ton non split stone naturally pulled out of the ground for 1-6 ton pieces. Delivery available across Ontario. Sawn material available upon request.